1. Voice
  2. Networking
  3. DPCs
  4. System
  5. Wiring
  6. Audiovisual
  7. U.Communications
  8. Sectorial
The Data Processing Centers are our most precious informatics resource.

It temperature, humidity, electric protection and SAI are key to preserve the system useful life and your inversion.

The security of the DPC is not just been aware of it technical aspects but also its operational and organized matters for example: the personal access control to the main hall is essential to avoid any external harm. And if your information has any personal details we are obligated to have the necessary security legislation documentation the law request.

Our solutions DCPs

Anti-Burglar System

Coyser can help to make your DPC fallow the technical requirement as the electronic, SAI, structural wiring, access control, etc. Coyser is concern about the special attention the DPC needs.


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